Texture and Organic Shapes


I can show my understanding of 2 Elements of Design, texture and organic shapes, by combining them to create interesting nature images.


EALR 2. The student uses the artistic processes of creating, performing/presenting, and responding to demonstrate thinking skills.

EALR 3. The student communicates through the arts.

1. Drawing from your understanding of Texture and Organic Shape, you will take the equivalent of 1 roll of film (36 images) of these elements in nature. Look for interesting leaves, branches, rocks, bark… let the changing season inspire you!

2. Make a contact sheet of your images.

3. Enhance your best 10 images in the app of your choice.

4. Post your 10 best with your contact sheet on your blog and title it: Texture and Organic Shapes

Look at these images by Samantha Chrysanthou for inspiration:

sc1010-5 sc1010-6 sc1010-7 sc1010-8 sc1010-1 sc1010-2 sc1010-3 sc1010-4

photography copyright © Samantha Chrysanthou